Why Green Your Meeting

Aquilus international believes in green events to reduce the direct environmental impact of it, leaving a positive and lasting legacy towards community and coming generations. We see a number of opportunities and benefits can be identified, for our sponsors and exhibitors, our participants, service providers and for the venue region also.

Green event is one organized in such a way that:

  • emissions of greenhouse gasses, such as CO2, are minimized, and unavoidable emissions are compensated for
  • natural resource consumption (including water and energy) is minimized and demand is adapted to available local resources,
  • waste generation is avoided where possible and remaining waste is reused and/or recycled,
  • biodiversity, water, air and soil resources are protected,
  • minimal environmental damage is caused while preparing and implementing the meeting
  • the local community benefits economically, socially and environmentally both during and after the meeting, with local sustainable development encouraged to the extent achievable,
  • the above principles are applied in purchasing goods and services for the meeting, the selection of the venue, transportation, catering and accommodation arrangements,
  • the awareness of participants, staff service providers and the local community in sustainability issues is increased, with the greening aims and measures communicated clearly to all,
  • local hosts, regional and national authorities, sponsors, citizens groups, NGOs, business and technical experts are involved to the extent possible in order to comply with and support the above - stated principles.


Costs savings - Conserving energy, reducing waste, purchasing local products and simply consuming less can save money. Even though some green products might be more expensive than normal ones (at least for the initial purchase), applying greening principles will often and in the long-term reduce costs (e.g. less printed material, less waste to be collected…).

Positive reputation - A green meeting is a very visible demonstration of your organization’s commitment to the sustainability principles of the United Nations. A targeted communication/PR strategy will raise the profile of the meeting and attract participants, as well as serve as an awareness-raising tool.

Environmental innovation - Greening efforts promote innovative technologies and techniques which help to use resources more efficiently.

Awareness raising - Each meeting is a unique opportunity to raise awareness among participants, staff, service providers and the local community about the benefits of greener products, buildings, services etc. and hence foster sustainable behavior and encourage people to make responsible decisions.

Social benefits - If planned and implemented carefully, the meeting can benefit the local region, through providing jobs, benefiting regional suppliers, promoting better working conditions, and act as a catalyst for encouraging environmental best practice across the region.

Influencing decision-making - By sharing standards and introducing new ways of behavior, other actors and organizations can be motivated to introduce environmental and social improvements in their own meeting organization.

Spreading best practice within the organization - Many of the measures and management practices which should be introduced in greening meetings can also be relevant in the day-to-day operations of the organisation, and can be a good “piloting” opportunity, such as serving Fair Trade drinks, or offsetting the CO2 emissions of your staff’s travel.